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Accelerating Secondary Disease Prevention in Integrated Care Systems: Prioritising Health in the NHS

This recent blog post by the National Health System (UK) Confederation discusses the importance of prioritizing secondary disease prevention in integrated care systems (ICSs) within the NHS. It highlights the impact of non-COVID-19 excess mortality on cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes during the pandemic. The post emphasizes the potential of secondary prevention to reduce morbidity and mortality and calls for cross-sectoral collaborative action to embed prevention in ICS plans.

" In terms of preventative treatments, 500,000 fewer people were treated for hypertension during the pandemic."

Three clarion calls for action are outlined:

  1. Prioritize and optimize prevention by ensuring effective risk assessment and management across multiple disciplines within primary, secondary, and community services.

  2. Engage communities by targeting prevention efforts towards population groups disproportionately impacted by long-term conditions and socioeconomic deprivation.

  3. Align systems and incentivize investment in prevention to jointly develop shared prevention plans and ensure interventions are well-targeted and evidenced.

The post mentions successful examples of prevention efforts, such as the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, and highlights the need for engagement with local system leaders to facilitate a supported environment for prevention. Emphasizing the shift to a preventative model of healthcare, the blog suggests that prioritizing secondary prevention can ease current pressures and create innovative and personalized preventative patient pathways within community settings.

Original blog post on 26 June 2023 by NHS Confederation

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